Why Pool Fencing is Essential For Young Families In QLD

Why Pool Fencing is Essential For Young Families In QLD

Queensland is home to strict regulations about swimming pools, and in particular how homeowners have to protect their pools with a specific type of pool fencing on the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere.

For young families, these fences can be lifesavers, and Frameless Glass Installations are keen to tell you exactly why it is important that you install fences around your swimming pool.

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Swimming pools can be harmful to children

Young children are still at risk of drowning, which remains the highest single cause of death for those under five years old, with the majority occurring in private or domestic pools. In order to reduce the number of deaths, it is important that children are only able to enter the swimming pool under suitable adult supervision.

A growing number of swimming pools

The obvious risk to young children is increased when you consider the growing number of swimming pools in Queensland state. The amount has nearly doubled since the last introduction of safety laws in the 1990s. This means that there are more risks to young children in their own back yard.

Pool fences must follow the law

A surprising number of fences put up by homeowners do not follow the law, and this means that you need to ask specialists like Frameless Glass Installations to help you find barriers that will fully protect your children.

Why fences fail

If you want to make sure that your fence is secure, you need to have a barrier height which is more than 120 millimetres above the ground, no fences have climbable rails, and that your gates are self-closing at all points. These are the most common ways in which pool fencing fellows to comply with the law.

Getting a new fence

If you want to make sure that you have the perfect pool fencing, you need to expert who can offer you good advice about how to make your fencing secure, protecting you and your young family from the risks of an accident in the swimming pool.

Talk to us about fencing

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