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Our homes are places of interaction, relaxation, and often, places of work. For all of these functions to operate successfully, safety around the home is very important. Frameless glass balustrades keep your home’s occupants and visitors from falling and injury, as well as adding a sleek, modern aesthetic to your home.

We’ve been doing this for 15 years, and our balustrades are completely customizable for any area, including stairwells, balconies, or any other places in your home that may require them.

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Our Materials

As safety is a top function of our balustrades, we only use 12mm toughened glass that has been proven to be able to take strong impacts while upholding the highest safety standards.

Our fittings can be customized for you, with a wide range of stainless steels and aluminum for you to choose from. This gives you the power to create glass balustrades that complement your own style and budget.

Our Process

  1. Give us a call for a free estimate. We’ll need some approximate measurements including length and height of your area.
  1. We’ll come out for a site measure and will provide you with a finalized, obligation free quote for your consideration. We’ll also gather information from you regarding your preferred design and digital printing specifications for your products.
  1. Your finalized design will be sent to you for your approval.
  1. Once accepted, allow 10-12 days for our team to manufacture and install your new glass balustrades.
  1. If you, your family, or your friends have any further questions or needs, our team is available for a phone call or consultation to help you where possible!

Internal Glass Balustrades

An internal glass balustrade is a fantastic way to add slick modern style to your stairs or upper landing. Our balustrades look sophisticated without disrupting the style of the space. We design custom glass balustrades, including frameless options that are the ideal match for any space and effortless fit with tour interior design. Our team work closely with every customer to understand your wishes, get exact measurements and design internal balustrades that fit effortlessly into your space.

These balustrades are a great addition to both residential and commercial properties, offering a seamless appearance along with improved safety. The toughened glass we use can withstand strong impacts, are easy to maintain, and can completely revitalise an interior space. These carefully crafted balustrades promise great performance and longevity.

External Glass Balustrades

Ensuring that balconies and raised decks are enclosed is vital for safety. If you want attractive uninterrupted views as well as strong safety precautions, external glass balustrades are an excellent choice. An external balustrade is strong and reliable whilst creating a smooth and seamless appearance. An external glass balustrade is a great choice for enclosing a deck or balcony on any level. As well as offering you uninterrupted scenic views, an external glass balustrade also maintains the exterior appearance of the property.

A modern glass balustrade can be added to both residential and commercial buildings and we can add balustrades to multiple balconies on one building. We can build external balustrades in a variety of different sizes and configurations, creating a design that’s an effortless fit for the space. If you’re looking for a way to instantly improve the exterior look of the property, adding a glass balustrade modernises and complements any building.

Curved Glass Balustrades

A curved glass balustrade is modern and elegant, adding a smooth safety barrier to curved interior and exterior spaces. If you’re looking for a balustrade that adds a real sense of luxury and is truly eye-catching, a curved balustrade is an ideal solution. They’re suitable for curved exterior balconies, interior landings, and stairwells, adding sophistication and a seamless look. Like other types of glass balustrades, curved designs are easy to clean and maintain, provide superior safety thanks to the toughened glass, and look spectacular.

If you want to reinvigorate a commercial or residential site, a curved glass balustrade is a great way to instantly update it. Our custom-made curved glass designs are unique to your space and can be customised further with the fittings of your choice. These balustrades offer unobstructed views and bring a high class, modern touch to the space. They’re easy to maintain too so you can keep them looking great over time, keeping the stunning visual effect that a curved balustrade creates.


A glass stairwell is the ideal modern choice for both commercial and residential properties. They provide clear panoramic views of the whole space as you move along the stairs, whilst also looking smart and contemporary. Safety is also paramount when you’re using stairs, and these strong and reliable designs are a fantastic defence against accidents. Even if they’re in constant use, these stairwells keep performing. They’re a great addition to both indoor and outdoor steps.

We custom design glass stairwells so they’re an exact match for the space. The choice of hardware options available makes it possible to team your glass stairwell with the existing style of the space. We’ll work with you to understand what you need and provide the ideal stairwell design. For a reliable safety solution that’s also a great style addition to the property, our smart glass stairwells are the right choice.

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Glass Balustrade FAQ

The modern look is preferred by many and glass balustrades will not obstruct the view.
Aside from the obvious safety function, they also add value to a property and are equally attractive when installed on an outdoor or indoor staircase.
Yes, we only use 12mm toughened glass, which can withstand strong impact and meets the highest safety standards.

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