Five Benefits of Glass Balustrades And Stairwells For Your Home

Five Benefits of Glass Balustrades And Stairwells For Your Home

Looking for a stairwell solution that looks amazing and offers safe, reliable protection and support for stair users? If you haven’t already, it’s worth taking a look at the benefits of glass balustrades and stairwells for your home.

Frameless Shower Installations has been creating high-calibre, customised glass installations on the Sunshine Coast for the past twenty years. If you want the advantages that an experienced, professional glazing company can bring to your balustrades and banisters, we can deliver exactly what’s needed.

Staircase with glass balustrade

1. Exceptional safety

12mm toughened glass is designed to withstand heavy impact blows, as well as able to cope with a significant amount of pressure. This makes it a safe barrier for use on stairwells. In addition, the installation of a solid glass sheet, rather than stair rails that have a gap between them, reduces the risk of items accidentally falling through the stair barrier. Glass also has an extremely high melting point and doesn’t burn, making it a fire-safe option.

2. Fully customisable

When you opt for glass balustrades for your stairwell, the sky is the limit when it comes to the shapes, sizes and configurations you can select. Glass can be cut to any size, allowing stairwells large and small to benefit from a glass balustrade. Suitable for use on both interior and exterior stairwells, a skilled glazier is able to tailor a glass balustrade to match your exact requirements.

3. Extremely durable

Arguably one of the most durable building materials on the planet, it’s little surprise that glass features in almost all properties. Glass is immune to the effects of water, sunlight, acid rain or most chemicals. It’s also resistant to wind or temperature weathering, as well as resistant to biological weathering (very little will grow on vertical glass).

If you’re looking for a stairwell material that will last decades with no visible signs of deterioration, glass is an excellent choice.

4. Looks amazing

Perfect for properties that enjoy minimalist styling, the ability of glass to reflect light ensures that a glass stairwell provides a stunning feature that can become a powerful accent in a hallway, landing or entrance hall. As glass is transparent, there is the potential to create a breath-taking selection of visual effects by installing a suitable backdrop to the glass panels. A fantastic contemporary construction material, glass works well with both modern and more traditional interior design themes.

5. Easy to keep clean and maintain

Glass usually requires little maintenance beyond a wipe over with soap and water every so often. A very hygienic material, its impermeability ensures dirt doesn’t become trapped on your balustrades. If you want to opt for a stairwell that requires minimal maintenance, at the same time as providing a clean, fresh look, glass is the way to go.

With so many advantages, it’s little surprise that a large number of households are choosing glass balustrades for their stunning stairwells. Why not ask us about the glass balustrade designs we can install?

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