Best Ways To Jazz Up Your Kitchen Without Breaking Bank

Best Ways To Jazz Up Your Kitchen Without Breaking Bank

Looking for ways to give your kitchen a fresh new look or mini-makeover without shelling out thousands? We can help! Take a look at our collection of ten suggestions to transform your kitchen for less.

It’s amazing how much difference a new accent or some different decorating can make – read our ideas for inspiration, and then start planning how to turn your kitchen into something truly special for surprisingly little.

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Different Colour Of Kitchen Splashback

Change The Ironmongery

Fresh cupboard handles, door handles and other fixtures can totally change your kitchen’s style. Ironmongery is one of the kitchen style choices where you can be adventurous for a relatively low cost. Whether you choose to combine fresh ironmongery with a different colour for cupboard doors, or just stick to new hinges and handles, it’s possible to achieve some stunning results.

Repaint Existing Cupboards

It’s been said plenty of times before, but repainting your cabinet doors is a fast, economical and straightforward way of achieving a complete change of scene in the kitchen.

Install A Glass Splashback

If you want an instant update that’s also functional and will last for decades, consider a glass splashback. A glass splashback can be coloured or patterned to match any interior design palette. Glass reflects light wonderfully well, giving your kitchen a light, airy look that’s enormously appealing. In addition, glass is resistant to deterioration due to humidity or temperature changes, very easy to clean and will keep looking good for decades. As an added bonus, glass splashbacks are a key kitchen trend at the moment.

Revamp The Central Island

The central island is a space that’s made for experimentation! Why not try wallpapering the sides of the central island? Or painting it a contrasting colour to the rest of the kitchen? If you like the idea of making a statement somewhere in your kitchen, the island is a great option to work on.

Consider Open Storage

Shelving, hooks and racks add visual appeal to the kitchen. Particularly if complemented with carefully chosen kitchen accessories, open storage adds an enormous amount of character and gives homeowners an opportunity to showcase their individuality.

Regrout The Tiles

Almost inevitably, tile grout begins to dull and discolour over time. Because the grout is set back from the surface of the tile a little, it often misses out on being cleaned when the tiles are wiped over. Fresh grout really brings up the colour of the tiles, giving your wall a fresh, just-installed look that’s enormously appealing.

Change Up Your Window Dressing

A new blind, some fresh curtains or a repainted window sill can make a real difference to your kitchen. Windows are inevitably a focal point, so an on-trend update to draperies or window surround colour can instantly update your kitchen.

Add Some Fresh Lighting

Lighting isn’t just an important aid in achieving the right ambience, it’s also vital to the function of the kitchen. Adding more lighting, swapping the position of existing fixtures or even replacing old, dated fixtures with fresh ones in a different style can all give your kitchen a completely different look.

Add A Rug

Simple and cheap but amazingly effective, adding a kitchen rug can provide an attractive accent and break up a large area of tiling that might otherwise appear a little bleak and clinical. Rugs can also be easily changed as fashions evolve – if you want a fashionable kitchen feature that won’t break the bank, a rug is a great option.

Add Colour

The days of relentlessly monochrome kitchens are over! A pop of bright colour is an up-to-date feature that provides warmth and adds a welcoming touch to the heart of the home.

Contact the team at Frameless Shower Installations for more information about the benefits of a glass kitchen splashback.

Remodeling & Renovation Trends 2022

Remodeling & Renovation Trends 2022

Swimming Pool With Glass Pool Fencing

Is your New Year’s resolution to renovate or remodel your home? If so, make sure you’re up-to-date with the top trends of 2022. Read on for the top 6 home renovation projects of 2022:

More investment in home offices

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s the value of a good (and quiet) home office. In 2022, we’ll see more investment in these work areas as people create more professional spaces in their home.

Your work space’s aesthetic and design plays a role in how you feel and even your energy levels, so ensuring it’s a space you can enjoy being in (while being productive) is a must.

Bold kitchens

Alongside a shift to bold colours and unique tiles, seamless splashbacks and countertops will be making a “splash” (pardon the pun) in 2022.

Glass splashback fits cohesively with the design of any kitchen. Not only will they protect your walls, but they’ll also add value to your home and are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.

Sustainable design

Sustainability will be a big focus for both indoor and outdoor design in 2022. People are looking to create spaces that are kinder to the environment and easier on their wallets.

This can be done in a number of ways, such as using recycled materials or opting for low-energy appliances. You can also make use of natural light and ventilation wherever possible.

Glazed glass is ideal here, as it helps control the temperature in your home while allowing for natural light.

More emphasis on beautiful bathrooms

No longer just for washing and using the toilet, bathrooms are being transformed into a space for zen and relaxation.

Part of this trend includes the rise of sophisticated shower designs. As more and more houses come without bathtubs, it makes sense people are choosing to luxe out on their showers. Frameless shower screens are one easy way to add instant elegance.

One way people are making use of smaller bathrooms is by creating the illusion of space. Adding more mirrors, or larger mirrors, creates the feel of a larger room.

At Frameless Glass Installations, our mirrors can be custom made to suit any size or space. They’re built to last, featuring expert craftsmanship and the most durable materials.

Multifunctional spaces

Throughout the pandemic, homes have transformed into offices, playgrounds, gyms and more. As people spend more and more time at home, they’re using their bedrooms, kitchens and lounges in all sorts of different ways.

Multifunctional design focuses on maximising the use of every single space inside the house – whether that is transforming your garage into a home workout space or installing additional storage for a children’s playroom.


Pools, unsurprisingly, are still popular in Queensland.

Recently, people have embraced ambient lighting and darker colours for their pool. Bright blue is out: deep grey and navy are in.

The iron fence is also getting an update. With pools becoming such statement pieces, people want to show them off and are opting for glass pool fencing for a sophisticated a sleek look. They also require minimum maintenance and can be cleaned with simple hose water or cleaning products.

Planning for your 2022 renovations

Take inspiration from these top trends of 2022, or bring your own flair to your home renovation projects. Ultimately, the best design is the one YOU love.

If you’re interested in implementing some of 2022’s biggest trends into your home this year, get in touch with Frameless Glass Installations today. Our friendly team can answer any of your questions, and turn your renovation dream into a reality.

Kitchen Renovation? Why Glass Splashbacks Should Be Installed In Every Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation? Why Glass Splashbacks Should Be Installed In Every Modern Kitchen

The heart of the home, your kitchen, doesn’t just need to look good; it also needs to function well. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, it’s well worth considering installing a glass splashback as part of the refurbishment process. A glass splashback is a solid piece of glass that’s installed on the walls adjacent to, and behind, the cooker. Its purpose is to catch any splashes or spills from the cooking process, preventing them from reaching the wall. Read on to discover five good reasons why glass splashbacks should be installed in every modern kitchen.

Kitchen with mirror splashback

Adding value to your kitchen and home

Glass splashbacks are timeless home improvements that add aesthetic and functional value to your kitchen. Glass is a highly durable material that needs minimal maintenance to stay looking good for decades. A hallmark of quality and versatile enough to suit any decor, if you want to add value to your kitchen (and even enhance the value of your property when you come to sell it), glass splashbacks are a good investment.

Protecting your walls

Unfortunately, removing food stains from paintwork is a challenging task. If you don’t install a splashback, your paintwork will usually need to be wiped over every time your cooker is used. This not only creates a significant amount of additional work, but it’s also almost inevitable that your paintwork will suffer. Glass splashbacks protect your walls, allowing your decor to show without compromising its integrity.

Adding beauty and style to your kitchen

Glass is a beautiful material that reflects light wonderfully well. Suitable for both modern and more traditional kitchens, glass splashbacks look stunning and can really brighten up a wall. Splashback panels are a modern alternative to tiling that can update your kitchen instantly.

Making cleaning easier and more effective

Who wants to spend hours cleaning discoloured grouting? Because glass splashbacks consist of a single panel, they’re very easy to clean. They’re also an even surface, which is more hygienic than the uneven surface that a tiled splashback presents. Glass requires no specialist cleaning, simply wipe over with a damp cloth and buff to complete the job. Occasionally, a proprietary glass cleaner will be needed for stubborn stains or baked-on grime.

An installation that's built to last

Glass will last literally centuries! A long-lasting and green alternative to tiles or plastic, glass is extremely durable. It’s also immune to high temperatures, UV light or the effects of moisture. Glass doesn’t absorb substances easily, which means any splashes can be easily wiped away, leaving the glass in pristine, as-new condition. The lack of deterioration means that many people find that their glass splashbacks look nearly as good in a decade or two as they did when first installed.

If you’re completing the plans for your new kitchen, the addition of glass splashbacks could deliver a selection of benefits. Suitable for any home, they’re a great way to enhance the value and visual appeal of your kitchen’s interior.

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