Should You Invest In Glass Pool Fencing?

Should You Invest In Glass Pool Fencing?

When it comes to securing your pool area, there are a myriad of fencing options available. In recent years, however, glass pool fencing has become increasingly popular, but is it a worthwhile investment for you? In this blog, we delve into benefits of glass pool fencing, helping you evaluate its value against your specific needs, aesthetics and budget. Whether you’re a new pool owner or considering an upgrade, this blog will help you make an informed decision.

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Glass Pool Fencing Around The Pool

The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Enhancing Aesthetics

Sleek and super aesthetic, a glass fencing can totally transform your pool area. Unlike other types of fences, glass pool fencing doesn’t make your pool area look confined or restricted. Instead, it gives the impression of a larger, more open space.

The clean lines and seamless transparency of glass pool fencing provide a modern finish that can complement any outdoor space. Additionally, glass pool fencing allows an unobstructed view across the entire pool area, making it an ideal choice to enjoy your landscape in all its glory.

Ensuring Safety

The transparency of glass pool fencing enables you to keep an eye on every corner of your pool area, ensuring the safety of your loved ones is never compromised. This is especially useful if you have children or pets. Furthermore, unlike traditional metal or wooden fences that can be easily climbed, the sleek surface of glass fencing is harder to scale.

Surprising Durability

Glass pool fences are typically made from tempered glass, which is several times stronger than regular glass. It can withstand harsh weather conditions such as sun and rain, offering excellent durability in the harsh Sunshine Coast climate.


Glass pool fencing can be designed to fit around complex pool shapes and sizes, making it a versatile option. There are also a variety of styles to choose from, including frameless and semi-frameless designs to suit your space and preferences.

Increased Property Value

A pool encased by a beautifully crafted glass fence is more than just an attractive feature—it’s a value booster for your property. In the competitive real estate market, properties with unique standout features command higher prices and glass pool fencing offers just that. It allows seamless integration of the pool with the rest of the outdoor space, which adds a touch of luxury and captivates potential buyers.

Considerations of Glass Pool Fencing

  • Cost: Glass pool fencing tends to be more expensive than other fencing options due to the materials and specialised installation process. Costs can also vary based on the quality and thickness of the glass, and whether you choose framed, semi-frameless or frameless designs.
  • Maintenance: Glass pool fencing requires regular cleaning to maintain its clear, appealing look, especially if you live in an area prone to dust or rain. If you have aluminium frames, they will also require some ongoing maintenance to prevent rust.
  • Durability: High-quality glass pool fences are made from toughened safety glass that can withstand impacts, temperature changes and harsh weather conditions. However, they’re not entirely immune to damage and replacement panels can be expensive.

The Final Verdict

While the upfront costs of installing glass pool fencing may be more than other options, the potential increase in your property’s value can far outweigh this initial investment. Versatile, sleek and surprisingly durable, glass pool fencing is certainly an investment worth considering.

Looking for Glass Pool Fencing on the Sunshine Coast?

If you’ve decided that glass pool fencing is the way to go, contact the team at Frameless Shower Installations. We’ve been proudly installing pool fencing across the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years. Our team can install both aluminium and glass pool fencing for a wide range of yards and pools and can customise our product to remain within your budget. Give us a call for a free estimate.

The Benefits of Pool Fencing

When you live anywhere in Queensland, Australia, law requires that you maintain a fence around your private swimming pool. These safety standard regulations require certain heights and durability of fences, strong gates and latches, as well as limiting access directly from a nearby building. If you are thinking about the type of pool fencing your Sunshine Coast property requires, Frameless Glass Installations has some advice about the best reasons to choose suitable glass pool fencing.

Pool in asian style with glass pool fencing

Protecting those around your living space

Queensland instituted a number of regulations to ensure that everyone in your outside space is safe. Drowning can be one of the main causes of death for those under 14, and children can fall into water in a blink of an eye. Glass pool fencing may be the best option, as it has fewer gaps for children to use as footholds.

Protection from the weather

If you want to swim outdoors in a cool and tranquil location, then you may benefit from using pool fencing to function as a windshield around the swimming area. Pool fencing can also be useful to protect you against cool breezes and can limit the amount of rain that comes into the pool area.

Add value to your property

If you want to add value to your property, then pool fencing from Frameless Glass Installations could be the ideal solution. It adds appeal to the home which is likely to increase interest from potential buyers, and it may also add a modern, stylish look which will naturally increase the worth of the property as a whole. 

Glass panels are easy to maintain

You may be torn between some of the very appealing pool fences that you can find online, but there are several reasons why Frameless Glass Installations think glass panels are best. Chiefly, they look good, and provide easy visibility to the pool, so you don’t have to sacrifice looks for security. Secondly, they are easy to clean and maintain so you don’t have to work hard to make them look good. 

Getting the most from glass pool fencing

If you want to find the absolute best in pool fencing for your Sunshine Coast home, then you will need to speak to Frameless Glass Installations. We are the experts in installing glass quickly and easily, so contact us through our online message form, or call 07-5479-0003 today.