Is Your Pool Fencing Compliant To QLD Regulations?

Is Your Pool Fencing Compliant To QLD Regulations?

Installing a pool fence is not only an essential safety measure, but a legal requirement in Queensland. As well as preventing a tragic accident, hefty fines apply if your pool is not secured properly.

At Frameless Glass Installations, we recognise the importance of protecting QLD residents and offer fencing solutions to suit a range of pools and backyards. Our glass pool fencing is not only a beautiful option but is installed to fully comply with Queensland pool safety regulations.

Pool with glass fence on the Sunshine Coast QLD

Why compliance matters

Building a fence around a pool yourself is not enough. Queensland law dictates a series of requirements to ensure pool fencing is compliant and offers as much protection as possible for homeowners.

A fence that does not meet regulations can allow children to enter a pool area unsupervised. Your four-legged family members may be at risk too, not all animals swim instinctively, and beloved pets can drown.

Pool safety standards have been updated, and an older fence may no longer be compliant. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) lays out these regulations in full.

Ensuring your pool fence is compliant

The best way to confirm your pool fence is compliant is to have an installation performed by a reputable company. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to confirm if your pool fencing is compliant, and Frameless Glass Installations is happy to help. We offer free measure and quote services to discuss your needs.

As well as a professional inspection, there are things you can do to make sure your pool fence is effective.

Clear the area

The QBCC states that there should be no objects within 900mm of the outside of the fence, or 300mm inside the fence. This includes objects such as planter boxes, dog kennels, or outdoor furniture. These could act as toeholds and allow a child to climb over the fence. Additionally, these objects may obstruct your view, and prevent you from seeing into the pool area if an accident does occur.

Measure your fence

Pool fencing must be at least 1200mm tall, with the latch on the gate at least 1500mm high. Gaps under the fence cannot measure more than 100mm in height. These measurements exist to prevent climbing over and squeezing between or under the fence. Full requirements are outlined by the GBCC.

Maintain your fence

Regularly inspecting your fence, especially after storm activity, is an important part of pool safety. Check for areas that are worn, bent, or loose, and that the gate latches securely. If any part of the fencing is not secure, the pool can no longer be considered safe, and you should arrange an immediate repair. Cleaning your glass pool fence regularly also improves visibility and the overall appearance of your fence.

A final note on safety

The most important part of keeping children safe around water is to never let them swim unsupervised. Children under 5 should always be kept within arm’s reach.

Frameless Glass Installations values your safety and enjoyment, so we are always here to help. Get in touch for your free pool fencing measure and quote.