Why Do Pool Fences Need To Be Earthed?

If you have a pool, you likely know that the law requires you to have a pool fence. But did you know about the practice of earthing them? If not, you’re probably wondering “why do pool fences need to be earthed?” So, in this blog post, we’ll explain the reason behind this requirement and how it keeps everyone safe. Read on to learn more!

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A Glass Pool Fencing

Electricity Flows Through Metal

Having a pool in your backyard can be a great way to enjoy the summer weather. But it’s important to ensure that the pool is safe for everyone—which means installing a properly earthed pool fence. Pool fences are typically made of metal, or glass fences with metal spigots, which means electricity can pass through them and increase the risk of electric shock.

An earthed pool fence prevents this by diverting any electrical current away from the metal components, keeping swimmers safe from electric shock in case an electrical appliance nearby fails, or an outdoor power outlet is overloaded.

To provide maximum protection against electrocution, all fence wires should be connected to an appropriate earth conductor such as bonding wire, grounding rods or even lightning protection systems that can be put in place with help from a licensed electrician. With effective earthing measures in place, you can enjoy your pool time knowing that your swimming oasis is safely protected. 

Protection During Power Outages

In the event of a power outage, safety is key. When electricity is out, people don’t expect to be at risk of electrocution from residual current still in the wiring. However, if these currents can’t reach the ground, they will flow through whatever other material is available and can cause serious injury or even death.

This is why it is so important for homeowners to understand how their pool fencing can help protect them—a fence can provide an escape route for any dangerous currents to reach the ground and prevent accidental electrocution. Installing a pool fence with deep-set posts allows the current to follow the fence all the way to the ground instead of flowing into building materials or other objects found nearby.

It’s also a good idea to hire professionals for regular maintenance checks on fences—electrical problems may be subtle and even experienced electricians may struggle to detect them without specialized equipment. By making sure your fence stands strong against electrical storms, you’ll be doing your part in keeping you and your family safe.

Lightning Strike Protection

Earthing also offers protection against lightning strikes. The copper or aluminium cable used for earthing acts like a lightning rod, safely diverting bolts of electricity away from the pool – and potentially damaging costly equipment such as pumps or lights – during severe weather conditions.

For homeowners who want maximum peace of mind, installing an effective earthing system is a great way to ensure that their pool remains protected, even during periods of heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Protection For Swimmers

By grounding the fence to a level below any person’s contact voltage, it ensures that if someone touches a fence post or wire, they won’t get shocked. Excessive current will be carried through the ground cable and safely discharged away from any nearby people or animals.

Although earthing may not be considered glamorous, it’s an element of safety that should never be overlooked when dealing with pool fencing. Not only does it provide additional peace of mind for those who own them, but more importantly, it can literally save lives. At FSL: Frameless Shower Installations, we’ve been installing pool fences for over 15 years, to keep your family safe. We provide a range of pool fencing solutions – aluminium and glass pool fencing. Contact us via our contact form or give us a call today on 07 5479 0003 for a free estimate.