Remember These Tips When Choosing A Glass Splashback!

Remember These Tips When Choosing A Glass Splashback!

The most hygienic, easy to clean and safe type of splashback for domestic use, many homeowners choose to purchase glass splashbacks for their Sunshine Coast homes. They are very attractive to install, and are able to add more light through reflection in kitchens which are quite dark. If you are thinking about buying a new splashback for your home, then our glaziers at Frameless Shower Installations have some ideas about the best way to make a choice.

Glass Splashback in mint color


Perhaps the most important thing to consider is where your splashback will be placed. If you want your splashback to cover a small area, for example at the back of the hob area, then you may have more options than if you choose to cover the entire wall. You may also want to consider whether you need other locations covered, such as a sink or food preparation area.

Eye-catching display

Your glass splashback can be extremely eye-catching, and you may also benefit from being able to fit artistic works or photographs behind the splashback to give your kitchen a unique flavour. You can discuss your design ideas with Frameless Glass Installations before you buy from us.


What colours do you want for your splashback? Do you want a translucent tone, or something that will fit in with bench tops or cabinets? You might want to consider giving the glass a bold colour to make it a statement piece, although you should remember that your taste might vary and what looks good now might seem outdated in a year or so.

Accommodating power sockets

Most modern kitchens will have electrical sockets where you want your splashback to be. This means that you have to consider asking Frameless Glass Installations to cut and shape the glass in order to accommodate the sockets. Carefully placing the splashback will help you to reduce the amount of work that is required on the glass before it can be installed.

Talk to us about your choices

If you want to know more about the best choices to make when you are installing glass splashbacks in your Sunshine Coast home, then you can speak to Frameless Glass Installations. We can help you to have complete control over the design, including adding images of patterns, sizing the glass and adding colour. To find out more about our full range of services, message us through our enquiry form or call 07-5479-0003 now.